IATI Funding

  1. IATI Funding Process
  2. IATI Whitepaper
  3. IATI LTD company structure
  4. IATI token
  5. How to obtain IATI tokens
  6. Exchange IATI tokens for IATI LTD shares
  7. Legal

1) IATI Funding Process

Starting from April 2023, we provided the opportunity for potential investors and partners to invest in the growth of our company and realize considerable return on their investment and also become a shareholder of the company.

In order to realize that, we developed an innovative and simplified approach for fundraising that is utilizing the Blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) implementations.

Here is the outline of our investment vehicle:

1) 100 000 000 crypto tokens referred as "IATI" token have been created (ERC20 based on Ethereum Main Net);

2) A fraction of these tokens are matched with common Ethereum (ETH) tokens and this pair will is used to create a Liquidity Pool on the UNISWAP decentralized exchange (DEX): IATI / ETH Liquidity Pool. 

For more information on Liquidity Pools (LP) visit: https://youtu.be/cizLhxSKrAc

3) In that way, by creating the pool the initial value of the IATI token will has been set. That initial value was set at  $1.0 USD per IATI token. The size of the IATI / ETH pool will increase over time and the price of the IATI token will depend on the demand / supply dynamics.

4) Potential investors can obtain IATI tokens by paying with Ethereum (ETH) tokens to the LP on the UNISWAP platform. Investors that want to exit can sell their IATI tokens to the LP instantly from the current spot value and receive the corresponding ETH.

5) Alternatively, an investor that accumulates number of IATI tokens will also have the opportunity to exchange these tokens with common stock (equity) of IATI LTD - the parent company in a one to ten ratio: 

1 IATI token = 10 company share of IATI LTD

In that case, IATI LTD board of directors will act as a Custodian (guarantor) for the exchange and will ensure the number of IATI tokens in circulation is reduced which will have a price increase effect for the IATI token.

6) The value of IATI token will grow in line with IATI LTD company value which is derived from standard Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Revenue Multiple valuation methods. So the token and the valuation is backed with solid, real, revenue generating business.

That model is effectively an Asset Tokenization of the IATI LTD company shares.

A visual model of the investment process is provided in the video below: 

2) IATI Whitepaper

You can download IATI White Paper from the following link.

Download Whitepaper

3) IATI LTD company structure

IATI LTD is a limited liability company founded in Cayman Islands jurisdiction in July 2017.

The company has 300 000 000 registered shares and that company owns %100 of the shares of IATI Turizm Ticaret AS, which is the operational entity based in Antalya, Türkiye. 

4) IATI token

Below you can find information about IATI token:  

5) How to obtain IATI tokens

You can obtain IATI tokens by exchanging (paying with) ETH coins (or any other common coins) on the UNISWAP decentralized exchange by visiting this menu.

Alternatively, you can also reach that site from the "Buy IATI tokens" link under the IATI token price chart.

In order to do that, you will need to install a Plugin Wallet (Metamask for example) on your browser and connect to the liquidity pool with your ETH tokens ready for exchange.

You will need to have some margin of ETH for the gas fees associated with the transaction.

The ETH tokens will be withdrawn from your wallet and the IATI tokens will be instantly transferred to that same wallet.

You can see the transaction on Etherscan (https://etherscan.io) from the provider transaction ID.

6) Exchange IATI tokens for IATI LTD shares

Once you accumulate enough IATI tokens and decide to go for a long term investment with the company, you can contact us and we can manage the process of receiving the IATI tokens and providing you with the IATI LTD company shares.

There is a requirement on minimum amount of IATI tokens value equivalent to $10 000 USD that would qualify for that transaction.

That would be 10 000 tokens from the initial value of IATI token.

All costs associated with the share transfer and registration process will be assumed by the investor.

For more information please contact us from: shareholders@iati.com

7) Legal

This document, referred to herein as a “IATI Funding” introduces IATI LTD and the IATI token (“IATI”) on the Ethereum platform.

This document is distributed publicly, solely for the purpose of announcing the IATI token on the Ethereum platform project, our current vision for its development (subject to change) and to solicit comments from the developer community. It is not intended to serve as a binding commitment or contract. This document is not an offer to sell tokens, whether deemed securities or otherwise, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase tokens. All statements contained herein are qualified as subject to applicable law.

While we intend to realize this vision, please recognize that it is dependent on quite a number of factors and subject to a number of risks. It is possible that the IATI will not be implemented or adopted, or that only a portion of our vision will be realized. We do not guarantee, represent, or warrant any of the statements in this document, because they are based on our current beliefs, expectations and assumptions, about which there can be no assurance due to various unanticipated events that may occur. Due to the retrospective nature of regulatory action, we can make no guarantees regarding the legality of the platform or token launch in any given jurisdiction.

IATI tokens are not securities and do not hold any rights in the company. We must operate our business in accordance with the laws of relevant jurisdictions. As such, IATI tokens may not be immediately available in certain countries. Please know that we plan to work hard to achieve the vision as described in this document, but there are no guarantees. Blockchain, other aspects of our technology and digital assets markets are still relatively new, and will be subject to many challenges, competition, and a changing environment. We will always endeavor to update our community as IATI evolves to meet these challenges.